See the Intimate Early-Life Moments of the Cutest Tiny Kitten We’ve Ever Seen

This kitten’s name is Marshmallow, and she is just 3 weeks old.

Her mom is Mochi, and her kitten’s been depending on her for sustenance and care ever since she was born. For the first couple of weeks, all Marshmallow has been doing was suckling and sleeping.

Photo: YouTube/sweetfurx4

But this is now a momentous time for the cute kitten to take a closer look at the world. A tiny part of it, at the moment. The family’s cushioned nest box, her mom, and a few inches beyond her horizon.

First, she must learn to use her feet, which she’s never really done before other than suckling one of her front paws while sleeping. The tiny kitten finally discovered that she could crawl with them!

But crawling saps so much energy. Marshmallow’s thankful that her mom came to the rescue and revitalized her with her delicious milk. Exhausted from crawling, Marshmallow nursed with all her might, her ears flapping like the wings of a bird in enjoyment and gratitude.

Photo: YouTube/sweetfurx4

Next is grooming. Now, it almost feels like she is getting smothered by her mom’s style of cleaning her up. But this art of grooming is something Marshmallow has learned early in life to be essential for cats.

(In fact, once Marshmallow has grown up, she will realize that cats spend 30% – 50% of their time grooming every day.)

Then, it’s time to explore beyond the nest box. What could be out there? With legs now getting steadier, it’s her vision that Marshmallow is learning to sharpen. Wow, there is more to the world than fur, milk, and the nest box!

Photo: YouTube/sweetfurx4

As she starts walking on the interlocking rubber floor tiles, the sensation makes Marschmallow’s paws tingle with excitement. She meows in enthusiasm as her eyes see different colors and shapes.

This adorable kitten could feel that in just a few weeks more, her world would become bigger and bigger and there would be lots of things for her to taste, see, smell, and discover!

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