Marine Dad Surprises 7-Year-Old Daughter At High School Football Game After Months Apart

People who choose careers in the military often make sacrifices for the sake of their work. Many parents miss out on important life events, milestones, and time with loved ones because of long deployments in foreign countries.

It’s a tough career choice for families because of the potential separations, but the benefits and job security are sometimes worth it. For families who choose that path, there’s always one thing to look forward to on long deployments: homecoming.

Photo: RawPixel

7-year-old Hayley McGregor eagerly awaited the return of her dad, a U.S. Marine working in Afghanistan. According to a report from Central Coast 5 (shared by Military Homecomings), he’d been gone for seven long months and Hayley wasn’t sure when he was returning.

A video captured the moment at the homecoming football game at Morro Bay High School when Hayley was performing with the high school cheerleaders.

Photo: YouTube/Military Homecomings
Photo: YouTube/Military Homecomings

She was mid-performance when she heard her father’s name over the loudspeaker.

She can’t contain her excitement and leaves the cheerleading squad to run to her mom. Her mom points her to the side of the field and that’s when she sees him: her dad.

Photo: YouTube/Military Homecomings

Hayley’s face says it all as she runs to her dad to give him a giant hug.

Check out the sweet reunion video below:

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