Horse Mama Lost Her Baby So She Welcomes A Foster Foal In As Her Own

A mare in the Netherlands stepped up as foster mom after a little foal lost his own mother.

Iris and Sanne live in the Netherlands with seven horses and regularly share about their life with horses on social media.

Photo: TikTok/@equitality

In a TikTok video, the two explained that they had a pregnant mare but she tragically lost her first foal two months early. However, it wasn’t long before they heard of a little foal for lost his mom and needed a foster.

They explained in the video, “This little boy lost his mommy today…He was already weak so ASAP needed a new mommy…”

Photo: TikTok/@equitality

They introduced the foal to their mare, and to everyone’s relief, “She accepted him immediately as if it was her own baby.”

The mama mare coddled her little new foal and gave him all of the love, care, and attention. She needed the foal as much as the foal needed her.

Photo: TikTok/@equitality

The mare even had milk still from her lost baby so she could feed the hungry little guy!

Watch the sweet video below:

@equitality How strange & beautiful this world can be 🥺♥️ #equestrian #horses #foal #fosterhome #mommy #cute #fyp #foryoupage #voorjou ♬ Accidentally In Love. KiD RAiN – KiD RAiN

In a follow-up video, the gals shared that the mare and her adopted foal were doing so well! They got to go outside together for the first time and they loved every second of it.

The little baby nursed on Mom before running around his coral. It was too cute! Check out the video below:

@equitality Foster foal update 🥺♥️ #equestrian #horses #fosterhome #mommy #happytears #foal #fyp #foryoupage #voorjou ♬ Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran

Weeks passed, and the little foal grew bigger and stronger.

Eventually he was ready to meet the other horses!

@equitality So much love🥰 #foster #foal #fosterhome #mommy #adoption #fypシ #voorjou #newfriends ♬ levitating cover by peter mcpoland – Peter McPoland

After five sweet months together, the little foal was finally strong enough to leave her adoptive mama and return to her family.

It was hard and emotional, but the time they all spent together will never be forgotten.

@equitality We miss you!♥️ #fostermom #horse #goodbye #fyp #happiestyearofmylife ♬ Happiest Year – Madeline Galloway

You can see more of Iris and Sanne and their seven horses on TikTok and Instagram!

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