Marathoners Stop Racing To Help Struggling Runner To The Finish Line

Kindness is an important quality to uphold in all aspects of life, including sports. Unfortunately, sports can often be a breeding ground for negativity, competition, and even aggression. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize kindness in sports.

When athletes show kindness, it can create a more positive and inclusive environment that encourages fair play, teamwork, and mutual respect. But sometimes, people get so caught up in trying to win that they don’t even think about their fellow teammates or competitors.

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It’s always refreshing to see people willing to take a loss in order to help someone else and that’s exactly what was captured at the London Marathon this year.

The London Marathon took place on April 23, 2023, and like most marathons, it was a competitive event. Over 48,000 people crossed the finish line, including one man who seemed to have injured his knee right at the end of the race.

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A video captured the moment he started stumbling and while many people would’ve carried on past him in order to place higher, one man stopped to catch him before he fell.

The kindhearted runner decided to put his own race results to the side to help the injured runner cross the finish line. The man supported the runner and the two began to make their way forward.

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Amazingly, a second runner joins them and helps support the injured runner on his other side!

You can watch the sweet camaraderie in the video below: Fellow runners help runner to the finishing line #londonmarathon #buckinghampalace #london ♬ original sound –

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