Husband Wants Wife to Lose Weight, Even If It Means Risking Her Health

What’s the normal weight for a person whose height is 5’3″?

According to RUSH University Medical Center, it’s 48.5 to 63.5 kilograms (107 to 140 pounds).

And yet, this woman, who’s 5’3″ in height with a weight of about 47 kgs, is being pressured by her husband to lose weight because he wants her “petite.”

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She’s now fuming because being healthier had made her feel happier, but her spouse keeps saying that she should be doing star jumps. At first, he was chiding her through jokes. But now he is outright body-shaming her, and she was compelled to lash back at him with brutal honesty about his skinny body.

Here’s the story of this married couple, shared by this frustrated wife under the username u/dumbarchitecturereal on Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest: “Excuse the pun. I’ve always been a small person – I’m 5’3″ and usually around 43kg. Even after having our child, I was able to maintain that. However, we recently moved to a cold country, and I’ve found myself eating a lot more due to a) staying indoors more and b) I’ll be less cold if I’m fatter, so in order to address the latter concern AND save on our energy bills, I’ve put on maybe 4kg.”

This Original Poster further related that she and her husband have been together for eight years and have a three-year-old child. After giving birth, she was one of those lucky women who came out without any stretch marks, which delighted her spouse.

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However, after gaining weight, OP’s husband couldn’t refrain from making comments disguised as jokes about her “bigger” frame. According to OP, “The first two were jokes, like I said something about the size of his chips (small) and he said ‘well, you know I like them petite.’ The next time, we were buying clothes, and he was like ‘you’re a size 6, yeah? Or?'” To these, OP didn’t bother to reply.

It was when her husband started suggesting that she should do star jumps that it finally drove OP to answer him back with brutal honesty. But she maintained a light tone when she retorted, “Listen, I get it, you like me petite, but I like Aleksander Skarsgard in ‘Northman’ – are you gonna sort yourself out to be like him?”

OP responded with those words because her spouse has always been underweight/skinny, which is not her usual type in males. Nevertheless, he has never heard her complain.

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But now, her husband’s ego seemed to have taken it hard, and he has started doing push-ups to gain muscles. Of course, this means OP would be under obligation to return to being as petite as before. And this infuriates her, because she now feels happier for being healthier and more comfortable.

She had experienced being very sick before due to anxiety and undernutrition, resulting in her getting hospitalized. Now, due to this recent development, she’s even afraid of eating in front of her husband.

Poor woman. What an insensitive and ignorant husband.

Reddit couldn’t help slamming this nerdy male who’s been hiding his inferiority complex and using his wife as a pawn for his ego.

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A remark from 1836492746 reads, “What a creepy man to make his wife’s health a lower priority than his sexual attraction to her. I gained 10kg since the start of my relationship, and my boyfriend could not care less. And even if he does, he keeps that opinion to himself!”

SilveredUndead likewise wrote, “Yeah… I’m 165cm and about 43kg. My doctor is rightfully concerned and telling me they’ll have to direct me to the hospital if I can’t keep my weight up. This is definitely in the dangerous range, and I doubt OP’s doctor would say she should lose weight.”

More honest words from bibarbarian, “43kg is also 95 lbs, normal weight for her height is 50-60kg. she’s underweight even after gaining a bit, and he’s complaining! Your husband sucks, OP. He wants you to starve for his viewing pleasure.”

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