Wife Devastated after Husband Splashed Water on Her “Too Revealing” Dress

As of May 2022, the divorce rate around the world is 4.08 per 1,000 married persons per year, according to JB Solicitors.

More and more couples find it difficult to make their marriages work, with online affairs being the reason for one in every three cases of divorce.

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Russia ranks the highest in divorce rates around the globe at a rate of 4.7 divorces per 1000 of the nation’s total population. On the other hand, Guatemala ranks the lowest with a rate of 0.3 per every 1,000 population.

Here are some more notable figures concerning divorce worldwide:

  • Divorce is morally acceptable for 76% of Americans.
  • The average age for individuals that get divorced for the first time is 30 years old.
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  • Among first marriages in the US, almost 45 percent end in divorce.
  • For second marriages, the average duration for men is 7.3 years and 6.8 years for women.
  • Three years is the average time to remarry after a divorce.

And this seems to be another marriage heading toward Splitville, a couple whose beliefs in dressing codes clash. The story went viral on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum with more than 15k votes, with the majority of the commenters lambasting this woman’s husband, who splashed water on her dress when they were about to go to her brother’s wedding.

The Original Poster is the wife with the username u/throwra4209975, and she began her post with the following information: “My husband and I were invited to my brother’s wedding. I had a knee-length dress with straps on the shoulder and back to wear to the wedding. My husband didn’t want me to wear it and said he thought it was ‘too revealing.’ I told him to relax and take it easy since the wedding was small and no strangers would be there. Besides, I thought the dress was fine, not too revealing like he said.”

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However, the two of them kept arguing, with OP insisting that the dress was not as indecent as her husband thought.

What happened next? OP wrote, “He waited til I was wearing it, then splashed water all over it. I was in shock! The water was too cold, and it covered my whole body, not just the dress. It also got to my face and hair! I froze there in shock and began to cry really loud.”

After splashing her with water, OP’s husband told her to change, and he would be waiting in the car. But she just screamed back at him, while he in turn did not make any effort to apologize. Instead, her husband criticized her for ignoring his feelings and disrespecting his opinion.

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Up to now, according to OP, they have not been speaking to each other. She still feels devastated by what he had done to her, and, whenever she recalls the incident, she feels suffocated.

Who between the two of them was really being disrespectful?

As already mentioned earlier, the husband got slammed pretty hard by members of the AITA community.

Fine-Trouble8442 wrote, “I’d wear it dripping wet just to spite his insecure a-s.”

Another scathing remark from kimpossible11: “It’s not insecure, it’s controlling. It would be insecure if he just voiced that he thought the dress was too revealing. I bet you this isn’t the only incident where thinks he has a right to make her do whatever he wants. His behaviour is very telling about his core beliefs: Her opinion doesn’t matter because his is ‘right.’ He would be embarrassed if his partner (possession) wore something he thinks is too revealing. His embarrassment trumps her bodily autonomy. When she doesn’t submit to him, he has the authority to enforce his punishment and humiliate her. When she tries to stand up for herself or protests, he’ll tell her she deserves it.”

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StevesMcQueenIsHere couldn’t help but agree: “I guarantee this isn’t the first time he has criticized what she has worn, nor resorted to petty antics to get his way. It’s abusive behavior, plain and simple.”

Meanwhile, EchoWillowing reacted with, “Look at what you made me do to you! You forced me to hurt you!”

A similar concern from Hey_u_ok: “Exactly. Hope OP realizes this is controlling behavior that leads to physical abuse.”

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