This Tip from a Wildlife Photographer Will Add to Your Joy as a Nature Lover

Being a wildlife photographer is a very worthwhile job and hobby!

You will get a chance to meet amazing creatures that most people do not see every day. Being friends with some of these creatures can even add immeasurable joy to your life.

Photo: Tiktok/tjknature

This wildlife photographer, who goes by tjknature on Tiktok, is fond of taking pictures, as well as giving animals a hand. Life is tough in the wild, and these creatures will appreciate some help.

In this viral post by tjknature, with more than 1.5 million views, he shares some tips to make life easier for some wild animals, especially during hot weather. He puts fresh water in a bowl and places it in a spot where some creatures may come out to take a drink.

And surprise! there’s Giuseppe, his long-time hedgehog friend. You will find this small creature very adorable.

Photo: Tiktok/tjknature

Named after their habit of foraging through hedges and their grunts similar to pigs, hedgehogs thrive in different habitats from regions with cold and temperate climates to deserts. They can grow up to 12 inches, and their bodies are covered with prickly spines as a defense mechanism against predators.

Here are some of the happy comments about this helpful video tip!

“This is wholesome,” says one commenter.

“Omg great idea ❤️,” expresses another.

Photo: Tiktok/tjknature

Meanwhile, another animal lover writes, “I put water out for the squirrels that live in the big tree in my yard 🥺”

This individual has a great idea too: “I have seashells around my flower garden. I flip them over and fill with water for the bees and other small wildlife!”

This person is likewise filled with happiness and enthusiasm. “Yess I always do, you’d be surprised the animals that visit!”

Visit tjknature’s Tiktok page and see more of his wildlife photos, which include otters, puffins, stoats, insects, and other awesome animals!

@tjknature He really does do the big step-pe 🦔 #wildlifephotography #gardening101 #naturephotography ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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