Man Wakes Up From A Coma With New Art Skills He Never Had Before

A man in England woke up from a coma with a new set of art skills he never had before.

According to The Mirror, Moe Hunter was battling tuberculosis and bacterial meningitis in the brain back in 2004.

His case was so severe, he went into a coma for over a month and his heart even stopped. Doctors fought hard to save Hunter’s life and in the end, they were successful. Hunter woke up from a coma, but he didn’t wake up the same.

According to the New York Post, Hunter woke up from a coma with no memory of life before 2004. He may have lost his memory, but he also gained something unusual: a new set of art skills.

“I woke up on Oct. 13, 2004. I don’t remember anything before 2004 — everything has been relayed to me by family and friends. I really wasn’t creative before in the slightest, in fact, people used to laugh at my drawings. I was more interested in going out, football, and computer games,” Hunter said, according to the New York Post.

Hunter started to realize he had new art skills after attempting to paint characters from the Legend of Zelda.

He shared those paintings on Instagram and you can see for yourself how good his first work is:

Since then, he’s really ran with his artistic persuits and has even sells artwork at Comic Con events across the country. He’s also written a book and created life-size model replicas from TV and film.

Hunter shares about his artwork and life on Instagram, where he goes by @moethemaker.

His career also shifted since waking from a coma, and Hunter began working with his hands and using his newfound art skills in a role as a carpenter.

As for the cause of his new art skills, doctors can’t seem to figure it out. According to the New York Post, Hunter explained, “When I spoke to the neurologist, he just said, ‘Enjoy it,’ and said there’s so much about the brain they still can’t decipher, and this is just a phenomenon.”

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