Wildlife Enthusiast Swims With River Otter Pup In Adorable Viral Video

Everyone loves a great TV show that is based on nature. I love nature documentaries and other series.

It’s like getting a special VIP glimpse into the natural world all from the comfort of your living room.

Of course, while you’re curled up with your favorite blanket and a bowl of popcorn watching nature do its thing on your television screen, there is usually someone on the other end of that camera that is either narrating or getting up close and personal to share a wealth of knowledge about the flora or fauna that you’re seeing.


It’s moments like these on nature programs that can lead to some pretty epic nature shots. We all fondly remember Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He definitely had some gasp-worthy moments on his nature show.

Even years later, he still has an impact on the way different hosts present their nature programs. He’s inspired people to do more than just observe from a distance. The Steve Irwin of the Spanish-speaking world happens to be a man called Frank Cuesta.


He hosts his own nature TV show called “Wild Frank.” In his segment, he takes audiences on adventures around the Amazon jungle in an effort to explore and see different kinds of animals.

While one would assume that a trek through the Amazon jungle would be fraught with dangerous, nail-biting moments, there are actually some pretty wholesome encounters with wild animals. The best example of this is when Cuesta gets greeted by a rather friendly and adorable little river otter.


The entire exchange is nothing short of heartwarming and precious. Cuesta shared the entire video to his personal YouTube channel. And we have to say, we’re pretty jealous that he got rot play with a friendly otter pup.

Watch the adorable video down below:

How lucky is Cuesta to get such a friendly little greeting from an otter? What do you think of the interaction? Have you ever seen an otter pup in real life? Let us know!

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