Redditors Drag a Man Who Kicked Out His Stepdaughter for His Sister’s Sake

Blood is thicker than water.

But should blood relations always come first? And how about if it’s a case of choosing between your wife’s daughter and your sister? Whose relationship must weigh the most?

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This Original Poster gets slammed on Reddit after publishing his story on r/AmItheA–hole forum. Against his wife’s will, he’s driven his stepdaughter away so he could accommodate his sister in need.

Is he really being unfair?

With the username u/amibeingtheah, he shared the following: “Me (49) and my wife (45) have been married for 5 years. I have a stepdaughter H (22). H used to live in student housing but is currently taking a year off school and therefore isn’t eligible anymore. Her school, workplace, etc are a few hours’ drive from here. I own an apartment around that area, so we’re letting H stay there. I don’t charge her any rent. My sister (40) lost her job last year and works at a new place, which pays much lower. She lives with her boyfriend and my 14-yo niece, and they’re struggling with the rent. They like extravagance, so this is hard on an entire family.”

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OP continued to say that, in spite of the impractical lifestyle of his sister’s family, he wanted to offer the apartment to them. They agreed with him, and so OP then talked with his stepdaughter, who didn’t take it well. He assured her that the arrangement with his sister wouldn’t take place quickly and she has enough time to look for a new place.

Still, his stepdaughter refused to be convinced. He continued to relate, “H got upset and said if she really has to move, it’s going to be hard. I offered to help her find somewhere but said that this is our decision. My wife isn’t happy with this and said I’m being unfair to H.”

The AITA community agreed with his wife, which compelled OP to say in an edit: “the extravagance comment doesn’t mean they’re not living within their means; obviously they’ve cut down now. Just wanted to clarify because telling me to just tell my sister to not be extravagant isn’t really helpful when it’s already been done. And I’m sorry, but everyone is saying I’m favoring 2 adults over my young stepdaughter, but my niece is 14. She’s a minor.”

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Well, it’s still a clear case of favoring his sister over his wife’s daughter, who’s of age but alone — and who’s apparently struggling as well.

Between two adults in his sister’s family who should be more experienced in life, his stepdaughter is only starting to adapt to the world’s harsh realities. But, of course, OP could see his sister’s situation better and empathize better with her than with a girl with whom he does not have blood ties.

But what if his stepdaughter was actually his own daughter? Would he sacrifice her for the sake of his sister’s family?

That’s doubtful. It’s why the AITA community could not hold back from rendering him a harsh judgment after the way he has treated his stepdaughter. It seems like a heartless move.

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