Man Holds Baby Rescue Donkey And Sings “Over The Rainbow” To Comfort Her

When Dawn and Dean Fagan became empty nesters, they weren’t ready to be totally alone, nor were they ready to retire. Instead, they wanted to open their home to a new challenge and adventure, and that’s when they decided to rescue a donkey, Mr. Donker Donks.

Dawn and Dean Fagan live on a donkey rescue farm in Marengo, Ohio and they treat each donkey like a beloved pet.

Photo: TikTok/@mrdonkers1

In an adorable viral video, you can see Dean sitting in a chair with a baby donkey in his arms.

As he strokes the donkey, he gently sings “Over the Rainbow” to comfort her. It’s really sweet to watch.

Photo: TikTok/@mrdonkers1

When most people think of rescue pets, they imagine dogs or cats, perhaps even a bunny or guinea pig. Few people would think of farm animals! What’s more is that Dean and Dawn really treat their rescue donkeys like part of the family, like you would a dog or a cat.

Check out the touching video below:

@mrdonkers1 Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 #foryou #fypシ #donkey #babydonkey #country #farmlife ♬ original sound – DawnLynn

According to ABC 6, the donkey sanctuary all started when Dawn and Dean rescued a donkey named Mr. Donker Donks.

Since rescuing Mr. Donker Donks, the two have become passionate about the cause and have rescued an additional seven donkeys! All eight donkeys live with the Fagans on 67 acres of Ohio land. They’re really living the good life!

On Instagram, Dawn shared that the donkeys really love affection and being pet.

When they see Dawn or Dean approaching, they quickly line the fence in anticipation. How cute!

Dawn and Dean both work from home and have flexible schedules. They shared with ABC 6 that they might work in the morning and then spend the afternoon with their donkeys before working some more at night.

“It just brings so much pleasure to Dawn and I. Our offices overlook the pasture where the donkeys are, so in the morning we watch [them],” Dean added.

He went on to say that donkeys “make great pets” and “love human attention,” but they do take a lot of time and space. Dean said, “They are like dogs. They follow you around. Donkers comes in the house.”

The donkeys really bring a lot of joy to the couple and I think it’s safe to say that the couple is bringing a lot of joy to the donkeys as well.

You can keep up with Dawn, Dean, Mr. Donkers and the rest of the crew on TikTok or Instagram.

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