Senior Man Shovels A Snow Path To Visit The Neighbor’s Dog

We often live in an area where we don’t know the neighbors very well.

We may see them coming and going and they may do the same for us, but we don’t take the time to get to know them on a personal basis.

Photo: YouTube/Majically News

That isn’t always the case, however, when it comes to the animals that live in the nearby area. We want to get to know them and if they stop to say hello to us, we do what we can to say hello to them.

That is what is seen in the following video clip which shows an elderly gentleman walking over to say hi to his neighbor’s dog. It isn’t just a matter of him getting to the fence, however, he actually has to shovel snow in order to get there.

Photo: YouTube/Majically News

It may be a lot of work but we can see that it really is an effort that comes from the heart. It also pays off, because the dog is super excited when he gets over to the fence.

After watching the video, many people were so taken that they can’t help but express the feelings they have in their hearts. They say that it is able to melt the heart but it is warm enough that it may be able to melt the snow as well.

Photo: YouTube/Majically News

There’s a lesson to be learned in this video. Even though we may not take the time to get to know our neighbors, there are benefits that we receive when we do so.

Perhaps we can just take a moment to step outside of our comfort zone and get to know somebody that we don’t know. Who knows, they may just be a friend for life, whether they are furry or not.

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