Fawn Is Rescued From Iron Bars In An Unexpected Way

When most of us think about rescued animals, our minds automatically start thinking about dogs and cats. Although they certainly do make up the bulk of rescued animals, there are others that need help as well.

Some of these rescues take place because we prepare in advance. Other rescues may take place at the spur of the moment because we see a need and we decide to do something about it.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

That is what the couple and the video we have for you below did. They saw a need, albeit an unexpected one, and they decided they couldn’t simply continue on their way without lending a helping hand.

They Saw an Animal In Need

They were driving by when they saw small white-tailed deer stuck in a fence with iron bars. The deer had tried to get through the fence but quickly got wedged and then couldn’t go forward or backward.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

As the deer struggled against the iron bars, she was stripping the fur off of her skin and even causing some sores to appear. The whitetail deer was in an absolute panic, but help was on the way.

Unfortunately, there were many people who saw the issue and didn’t do anything about it. Perhaps they were concerned about getting hurt when the deer got loose, or maybe they just realized there was no way they could pull the bars apart to free the struggling animal.

When the couple arrived, the deer was already worn out and had done some harm to herself. The woman gently spoke to the deer, telling her that everything was going to be okay and trying to keep her from hurting herself further.

Hatching A Brilliant Plan

Suddenly, her husband came up with a plan, and it surprised even her. He knew that he couldn’t pull the bars apart with his hands, but he could use the tire jack from his car to open them.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

It only took a moment for him to put the jack in place and begin turning. As the jack expanded, the bars opened along with it, and soon, the little deer was able to back out and run away.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some heroes are even made from unexpected events. I would say that applies in this case.

Watch the rescue in this video:

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