Man Makes A Mistake And Ends Up Saving 4 Children From A House Fire

There are times when we make a mistake and regret it. There are other times when we make a mistake and it is one of the best things we’ve ever done in our lives.

For a man named Brendan Birt, a simple mistake put him in line to do more than correct it, it gave him an opportunity to become a hero.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

According to ABC7, it all started when he was driving in Red Oak and took a turn down the wrong street. On making the wrong turn, he was in an area where a house fire was just starting. He took action immediately, jumping out of his vehicle and pounding on the windows to get somebody’s attention.

The owners of the home, Tender Lehman and her husband, were taking care of a family emergency in Montana at the time. They left behind a 22-year-old who was watching his three young siblings.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

Birt spoke with a local news station, saying that it seemed as if everything was getting worse by the second. The smoke alarms weren’t working but because of his persistence in banging on the windows and screaming, the siblings eventually woke up.

A video shows the three young children running out of the house from the front door as the flames engulf the area. Birt said: “They came out the door. Like, I just felt like I just wanted to break down and cry. Like, I don’t even know these people here.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

It took a long time but eventually, even the oldest sibling was able to get out of the fire. The house was a total loss, but thanks to the efforts of this stranger, they are alive and will be able to put the pieces back together.

Although Birt made a mistake, it turned out for the best. There are even some who feel that he made the mistake on purpose, but regardless of why he made it, there are several people alive today who would likely have not have made it through the fire.

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