Bunny Returns To Thank Man Who Rescued Her From Drowning

One Arizona man was a hero to a little rabbit after he saved the small rodent from drowning in his pool.

The man had been walking back into his home after being outside when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. The man went to get a closer look and was horrified to realize that it was a dying bunny in his backyard pool.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

The man scooped it out of the water, just as the little animal was going limp in the water, and its head had started to dip below. The 35-year-old Arizona resident managed to find his pool scooper just in time to safely lift the bunny out of the water.

According to SWNS, the man made sure that the bunny was safely back on dry land before going to get his camera to record the situation that was unfolding.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

The rabbit was understandably exhausted, having been thrashing around in the water for who knows how long. At first, the bunny was too weak to move, but it would occasionally have enough strength just to lift its head.

The man, who is from Lake Havasu City, then moved the bunny into the sun so it could dry off. Meanwhile, he sat with the rabbit and fed him vegetables, and waited for it to regain its strength.

The content creator explained to SWNS, “I sat the entire time so no predators could get it whilst it was still vulnerable. I didn’t touch it with my hands. The closest we got was when it sat in between my feet for a while.”

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Eventually, it was time for the bunny to be on its way. Once the little rabbit had gained enough of its energy back, it promptly hopped away. But a few days later, the bunny returned.

The man says that the animal got very close to him and then looked at him for a while before moving on – almost as though it had returned to give the man its thanks.

Watch the video down below:

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