Dog Reunites With Dad After She Spends Over A Year In The Shelter

If you’ve ever lost a dog before, you realize how difficult it can be. Nobody knows this better than a man who had to give up his dog after he had lost his wife.

It all started when a man had to surrender his beloved dog to a shelter after he lost his wife. It was like saying goodbye to the two people that meant the most to him in life.

Photo: Facebook/Canine Haven Rescue, Inc

After he lost his wife, he had to move in with his daughter and she wouldn’t allow him to bring his English coon hound, Ellie. He brought Ellie to Canine Haven Rescue and said goodbye.

Even though it was one of the most difficult things he had ever done, he knew that they would be able to care for Ellie in a way that he couldn’t. The rescue shared that he also continued to check up on Ellie on a regular basis and was surprised when she continued to stay at the rescue.

Photo: Facebook/Canine Haven Rescue, Inc

Ellie is a wonderful dog but nobody had any interest in adopting her. They had put her into a foster home for a while but she still didn’t have anyone come to pick her up.

According to The Dodo, Cara Seiler of Canine Haven Rescue Inc., said that Ellie is a sweet and loving gal and they had no idea why nobody was applying to adopt her. Her previous human father continued to send toys and a jacket for her, but nobody else showed any interest.

Photo: Facebook/Canine Haven Rescue, Inc

When he eventually called the shelter again, he had some news that was perfect for everyone. It seems as if he was moving in with his sister in South Carolina and she would be more than happy to take Ellie if he could get her back again.

When they told him that she was still there, they could hear that he was crying. It was even more amazing to see the video of the reunion that is bringing many people to tears online.

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