More Money, Please: Man Says He Can’t Afford an Apartment in HR Survey

If you want a good laugh, read this!

And honestly, upon reading it, you would probably agree with this Original Poster that his answer to their HR survey is what most of us need in life.

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The original post appeared in Reddit’s popular r/anti-work community under the handle u/Landid218. It was also published in Newsweek, where OP related that their human resource department asked all employees to fill out a mandatory feedback form. The survey asked them how the company could level up job satisfaction.

“They said the survey was anonymous, so we shall see if that holds true,” OP told Newsweek.

What did OP write in the survey? In most of the questions, he answered “MORE MONEY.” And for additional feedback, he wrote: “I CAN’T AFFORD AN APARTMENT.”

HR reminded us to fill out our work surveys
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The Reddit posts won over 60,000 votes, with many people enjoying a good laugh over it. But, of course, a topic like this also reminds others about their own disappointing — it not infuriating — experiences with HR surveys.

Reddit user freyjalithe wrote, “We had one of these surveys about a year ago. The only difference was the questions added this: ‘aside from more money…’ I just kept writing in ‘more money’ anyway. If you know that’s what people are going to answer, why ask the question? Spoiler Alert: we have not gotten any ‘more money.'”

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Another interesting comment from fish-tuxedo: “Lol I worked for a big box store’s warehouse, and they did something similar. We used to be able to write in answers and add additional comments. They didn’t get the answers they wanted one year, so the next year it only had rating options for the questions. They didn’t like the answers they got that year either though, so we all had a big meeting about how we apparently didn’t understand the survey questions.”

Some people may not completely agree with this comment, since employees do look for something more in companies than money. But this is a hard piece of reality; that’s why some workers don’t bother to fill out HR surveys.

An honest remark from imalittlefrenchpress: “My answer would be, ‘The only reason anyone is here is for money, and we want more of it since we give so much of our lives.’ I’d probably be terminated. I never participated in those things, and I ignored the reminders, because I know how easily my company was able to trace who the answers came from. I also know I can be pretty snarky when I’m addressing injustices.”

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