Man Rescues Baby Squirrel And Now The Squirrel Won’t Leave

There have been many interesting pets that people have enjoyed over the years. Most people consider a dog or a cat to be about as far as they will go but I’ve heard of people raising everything else, from pet skunks to pet snakes, and almost anything in between.

Perhaps one of the more interesting pets that we hear about from time to time is a pet squirrel. I know a little bit about the subject because I had a pet squirrel growing up and it was an amazing animal.

It seems as if a man from New York City also had a pet squirrel, and they got started on the right foot.

The baby squirrel had been separated from her mother and was attacked by birds. Fortunately, the kind man was there to rescue her and care for her.

As the man continued to nurture the squirrel back to health, he did so with the intention of releasing her into the wild again. The problem is, the squirrel didn’t want to leave and now the two of them have bonded as best friends.

Check out the video below:

One thing is for sure, we are not advocating going out and raising the squirrel of your own. They are wild animals that need special care, but if you happen to find one that needs some help, they can make a very special friend.

The man shares videos of the squirrel on Instagram, @stella.da.squirrel. Check out some of the pictures below:

How cute is she?

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