Man Rescues Cat Clinging To AC Unit Amid Rising Flood Waters In Hurricane Ian

They say cats have nine lives and a cat in Naples, Florida is proving that after being rescued from Hurricane Ian.

According to the Washington Post, 29-year-old Mike Ross and his girlfriend, Megan Cruz Scavo, live near Bonita Beach in southwest Florida.

Photo: Twitter/@MeganScavo

Unfortunately, Mike’s home was 10-feet-underwater due to the floodwaters from Hurricane Ian. After evacuating to his parent’s home nearby, he peered out the window and spotted a terrified cat clinging to an AC unit for dear life as the waters rose around him.

Of course, Mike couldn’t leave the cat outside to die, so he trudged out in the storm to rescue him.

Photo: Twitter/@MeganScavo
Photo: Twitter/@MeganScavo

Megan Cruz Scavo shared a video of the rescue on Twitter.

She captioned it: “My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach.”

In a follow-up tweet, Megan shared that they started a GoFundMe to help people affected by the hurricane.

Photo: GoFundMe

She said, “We are donating half of the proceeds to the Humane Society Naples in honor of our miracle cat, Ian.”

Megan explained on GoFundMe that her boyfriend, Mike, “braved the storm to save a cat, who we named Ian, that was stranded clinging for life on a neighbor’s AC unit as storm surge rushed in.”

The fundraiser already raised over $10,000 and counting!

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