Watch a Man Bravely Face the Dangers of Rescuing Three Snakes from an Irrigation Pond

It takes a different level of courage to rescue a wild animal from a dangerous situation. The risks are everywhere — you could be attacked by the animal or get hurt during the mission. However terrifying, any creature deserves a second chance in life. For this reason, animal rescue teams must be recognized for their courageous work — dedicating their lives to maintain balance on Earth. Because even though wild animals are scary, they have a contribution to the environment.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Animal rescuers are trained to handle such situations, but watching a rescue mission is still nerve-wracking. One of the most heart-stopping rescue operations is when it involves a snake — specifically, a king cobra. They are viciously venomous and can quickly move, which makes them more terrifying. Being near them when they’re in defense mode is enough to make your heart start racing. But despite the possibility of getting bitten, a man risks his life to save three snakes trapped in an irrigation pond.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The whole video is truly anxiety-inducing, because the man might fall in the pond with snakes or get bitten as he reaches for them. It gets scarier every time the cobra attempts to attack or reach for him. However, the guy showed how his bravery is more terrifying than the cobra. After several tries, he successfully took one feisty snake out of the pond and safely placed it on the ground. He was quick on his feet and kept his balance well — the cobra might be quick, but his reflexes are also excellent. The first snake was so aggressive that the group had trouble putting it inside the bag to calm it down. It also stopped for a while and seemed to be catching its breath. Even when it cooled down, the cobra would still attempt an attack every time someone tried to move.

The rescuers took a while before putting the snake inside the bag. After it calmed down, they proceeded to rescue the two remaining snakes in the irrigation pond. The second one was calmer than the cobra, and the guy even used his bare hands to place it inside a bag. Apparently, it was a grass snake that wasn’t venomous. However, the third one was once again a cobra and behaved like the first one.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

You’ll definitely stop breathing as you witness the guy trying to hold his composure while carrying a cobra that’s ready to attack. Thankfully, it calmed down quicker than the first one, which signifies a successful rescue operation. The guy definitely deserves recognition for the brave act that sent the three snakes to their natural habitat. Watch the heart-stopping heroic deed in the video below.

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