Husband Tells Pregnant Wife to Buy Maternity Underwear Instead of Borrowing His

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to share everything.

You may not want to share toothbrushes if each of you has your own, for example. Or you may not want to lend your partner your Canon camera on her next trip out of town since she tends to break things and one of her recent victims was your Sony mirrorless cam.

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On the other hand, maybe your wife doesn’t want you to read even just a page of the novel she’s striving to finish. She also doesn’t want you to read her old diaries.

But, in this case, it’s underwear that a spouse doesn’t want to share.

You’ll find this post funny and thought-provoking. “Hey, you’re married, why not lend your undies to your better half?”

Ask yourself, would you do so?

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Let’s dive into this intriguing post about a pregnant wife which was published on Reddit’s r/AmItheA—hole forum under the username u/StealerOfUnderwear. She started with these details: “So I (28f) am about 7-8 months pregnant, and, while I’ve thankfully not gained a lot of weight, my belly has grown a lot, and I find that most of my underwear is too small and cuts into my sides/bottom of my belly. After a while, I started getting a rash in the places where it was too tight, due to friction, I guess. So one day, I was getting dressed, and I was getting frustrated about the rash and the underwear being too small, so I figured I’d try on a pair of my husband’s (29m) boxers. They’re size L and too big for me, but OMG it was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever tried on in my life. Breezy and loose and even the places where I had the rash didn’t hurt. My husband had already left for work for the day, so I decided to just borrow them.”

When he came home, OP told her husband that she borrowed his underwear and asked if she could continue borrowing until their baby was born. She told him the reason why, and he agreed to her request.

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But after a few days, the story was different. OP wrote, “We’re going to bed, and he flips out at me and asks me why I’m wearing his ‘good’ bamboo underwear. I’m confused, but he points at the band where it says bamboo. Then he goes on a long rant about how his few pairs of bamboo underwear are the comfiest and best quality, etc, etc (I swear this is not an ad for bamboo underwear). I apologized and said I just picked the pair off the top just like I did the other times, but he was upset and said I wasn’t allowed to borrow his underwear anymore.”

But OP was insistent, saying she would only borrow her husband’s underwear that was not made of bamboo. However, he told her no and advised her to simply buy her own maternity underwear.

She later agreed, but not without thinking first that her husband was actually being squeamish about her wearing his underwear. What’s the big deal?

Well, it’s a big deal for some in the AITA community, while others think it’s just natural for couples to wear each other’s clothing, including underwear.

Can’t tell who’s right and wrong, but it’s been said that one of the keys to a lasting relationship is respect. Hopefully this couple can turn their fight around.

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