Man Finds the Right Time to Propose Like a Hero, But Then He Gets Attacked by a Leg Cramp

Who does not want to be a real hero to the woman of his dreams?

Wanting to prove himself as the forever partner that she deserves, Cristian Moriatiel planned his marriage proposal to the woman he loves after a most challenging event he would be taking part in that would prove his manliness and strength of character.

Photo: Instagram Video/ironmaneurope

Moriatiel had joined Ironman Triathlon in Estonia, under the men’s 40 to 44 age group. He had prepared for the world-renowned competition and finished sixth after more than 9 hours of gruelling activities: swimming, cycling, and running over long distances.

At last, the time came for the sweet surprise he had planned.

Moriatiel got down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend. But, unfortunately, that was when a leg cramp hit him.

Photo: Instagram Video/ironmaneurope

The Spanish athlete fell down on the floor in agony. Fortunately, race organizers were quick to come to his aid and massage his hamstrings.

Moriatiel recovered and was assisted to resume his kneeling position. Even though he was still in pain, the athlete displayed heroic determination to continue with the most important mission in his life: win his beloved’s yes.

And she did say yes!

Photo: Instagram Video/ironmaneurope

Everyone applauded and congratulated the couple. The special occasion was almost ruined by the leg cramp, but many felt sure that Moriatiel and his new fiancee would always remember the event with overflowing happiness.

Instagram users are likewise filled with admiration for the courageous sixth-place winner of the Ironman Triathlon!

“This is absolutely AMAZING on all counts 😂🤣😍👏🏼”

“Simply amazing. Nothing could have stopped him from achieving his dream ❤️🙌👏”

“Holy shit 😂 he was really serious about getting that proposal out 😂👏”

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