Swimming with a Polar Bear Is Dangerous, But This Man Does It

Polar bears are often perceived as large cuddly bears with beautiful thick fur coats. Anyone would think those white bears are gentle and warm — it would be nice to be wrapped around that soft fur. However, their physical appearance is the exact opposite of their demeanor. Polar bears are actually the largest carnivores on land — a predator feared in the Arctic. Along with the Grizzly bear, they are considered the most aggressive type of bears. It is always advised not to approach them, as these bears won’t think twice about attacking a human.

Photo: Pixabay/358611

For this reason, a friendship between a polar bear and a human is believed to be unlikely. However, Agee the female polar bear is a different case — she is friends with Mark Dumas. The two have built a strong relationship since Mark took Agee under his care. They live in Abbotsford, a town in Canada, with Mark’s family. Apparently, the female polar bear has been with Mark since she was six weeks old. This explains why Agee is different from other bears — she is not as aggressive as the others. Her calm demeanor was because she was showered with love and underwent several training sessions with Mark and his wife, Dawn.

Photo: Youtube/truly

Agee and Mark’s favorite bonding activity is going for a swim in their backyard pool. The videos shared on the internet show that the 23-year-old polar bear enjoys Mark’s company. They even play on the grass — wrestling and giving each other warm bear hugs. Mark could fully bond with Agee when they successfully got rid of her biting habit. The polar bear has completely become a part of their family for a long time.

Photo: Youtube/truly

Mark and Dawn were able to train Agee because they are highly educated animal trainers. Animals under their care are trained to work on films. Beyond Bears Inc. ensures that they train animals without harming them — as seen on their Instagram bio, they are animal trainers with heart. It is very evident in how they raised Agee — no one can deny the polar bear loves her human family. Amazingly, Agee has starred in various films such as Alaska, The Journey Home, and Operation Arctic. Her filmography also includes television shows — Psych and Arctic Air. Who would’ve thought that the largest predator on land could be a professional actress?

However successful, some are questioning if polar bears should be domesticated. A few people have brought it up in the comment sections of one of Beyond Bears’s Instagram posts. Mark and Dawn always give assurance that wild animals training with them are given extra care — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even though Agee has a job, she doesn’t seem overworked or stressed. The 750-lb female polar bear is having the time of her life, and a fun swim with her human parent is her definition of happiness.

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