He Loves the Rain! Fur Dad Sweetly Carries His Paraplegic Dog to Enjoy Nature’s Shower

“I will take care of you until the end, my furry son,” said Agea Santos, who continues to cherish his dog, Alvin, even though the dog suffered a stroke and can hardly walk.

Alvin has always loved the rain, and even though his lower body is now paralyzed, his fur dad would not let him miss the joy of taking a refreshing shower under the sky. The water cools Alvin’s body and calms his mind. It’s part of the healing power of nature that is beneficial even for dogs and other animals.

Photo: Instagram Video/agea_santos

“He lost mobility on his left side, including his eyesight, as a result of the stroke, so he is slowly relearning how to walk. He was undergoing physiotherapy with a professional and acupuncture with another; he will return soon since it is really beneficial to his recuperation,” explained Santos.

It’s a long road toward recovery, and no one can tell the future. But what is constant is Santos’s unwavering love and support for his furry friend.

Photo: Instagram Video/agea_santos

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend because their kind of love is unconditional. But there are humans who can also express such love for their companion animals. It’s a two-way street for many human families and their fur babies.

Yes, it’s being reported in the news how animal shelters are now being overwhelmed by dogs, cats, and other pets that are being returned by people who adopted them during the pandemic. They are now letting them go due to the financial impact of COVID-19 and other tragic events.

Photo: Instagram Video/agea_santos

Nevertheless, we hear about Ukrainians who have taken their pets with them as they fled their war-torn countries. And there are people like Santos who will not give up no matter the circumstances. That’s real love, the kind of love that animals also deserve from us.

Get well, Alvin! Keep celebrating life with your dad under the blessed rain!

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