Man Left In Tears When He Meets The Dog He Gave Up A Decade Ago

There is nothing quite as touching as a reunion. We often see these videos online, and we can’t get enough of them.

One reunion video that you certainly won’t want to miss is when Michael Sawyer met up with his old dog, Smokey. He had to give the dog up a decade ago, but after meeting him again, he was in tears.

Photo: TikTok/@livinlifewithsuzy

Smokey is now a 16-year-old senior dog. It was 10 years ago that Sawyer had to give up the dog, whom he found a home for after life got in the way.

What is amazing is that Smokey recognized Michael from the moment he saw him. The senior pitbull goes over to him and leans into him as if to say hello.

Photo: TikTok/@livinlifewithsuzy

After Michael gives him a treat, they share a warm hug together that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Michael’s wife, Susanna Green-Sawyer, was there to see it and she took a video. After sharing it on TikTok, it went viral.

Photo: TikTok/@livinlifewithsuzy

There was even a second part to the video that you will enjoy.

Check them out below:

@livinlifewithsuzy My husband is #reunited with his #dog he had to #rehome 10 years ago. #reunitedwithdog #bullydog #razoredgegotti ♬ original sound – James Blake

@livinlifewithsuzy PART 2… My husband is #reunited with his #dog he had to #rehome 10 years ago. #reunitedwithdog #bullydog #razoredgegotti ♬ Yebba’s Heartbreak – Drake & Yebba

In the comments, Susanna said how Michael had passed on several people before he made the decision about where the dog would live. He was as responsible as possible given the circumstances and found Smokey a home where he could live out the rest of his life.

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