Man Creates “Guess Who?” Game For Fiancé Using All The Dogs They Know

If you grew up in the late 1980s or beyond, you probably have some memories of playing the popular game “Guess Who?”

To play the game, each player chooses a mystery character and uses yes or no questions to figure out the other player’s mystery characters. It’s a lot of fun and something that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Photo: Flickr/Ben Sutherland License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Recently, one man took the game to a whole new level by remaking the game using dogs!

Instead of using human faces for the Guess Who? characters, the man used dogs that he personally knew and he gifted the game to his fiance.

Reddit user u/Senior_Sense_8071 shared photos of the game to the sub r/MadeMeSmile with the caption:

“My fiancé made me a guess who game with all the dogs we know.”

The game featured photos of the 24 dogs that the couple personally knows, including a photo of their own dog. Personally, I only know around 12 dogs right now but I would love for that number to double!

Apparently, this couple has an advantage for meeting dogs because of where they live. “We live next to a dog park!” she explained.

Photo: Reddit/u/Senior_Sense_8071

The couple plans to get married in March of 2023.

We wish them many more years filled with dogs ahead.

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