A Hero from China Miraculously Caught a Little Girl Falling from the 5th Floor

This story will rekindle your faith in humans — heroes are not just in the movies shown on the big screen. For parents, the news will remind them to strictly look out for their children, especially when they reside in a high-rise building. The scene was indeed heart-stopping. Thankfully, a man with initiative and swift movement saved the day. A hero was born in Tongxiang, Zhejiang, province that day, and a life was saved.

Photo: Twitter/Lijian Zhao

The miraculous moment was caught on camera and made it to the news. In the video, a child accidentally fell from the window of a high-rise building. The child fell from the fifth floor — it was an awful moment since it looked like a hopeless case. Coincidentally, a man saw the child falling from the building. He was on his phone when it happened, and due to the adrenaline rush, he was able to catch the child in his arms. A woman also came into the picture and helped the man carry the child before her head hit the ground. The scene was jaw-dropping — you might need to watch it a few more times to believe it actually happened.

Photo: Youtube/Hindustan Times

The heroic passerby was revealed to be named Shen Dong. Apparently, he was walking with a woman while on the phone. According to reports, when Shen Dong saw the falling child, he swiftly ran to the building. The man even threw away his phone to freely extend his arms — which safely caught the child.

Ever since Shen Dong saved the life of a two-year-old girl, he was called “Real Superman” on the internet. The footage was initially shared on Weibo, then news traveled fast on other social media platforms.

Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, also tweeted the heroic moment along with the video. He tweeted it with the caption “Heroes among us” — indeed, it was a powerful and proud moment for humanity. The clip has already reached 263k views, with a comment section filled with applause and praises for the real-life superhero. Shen Dong had an interview with the South China Morning Post, where he shared his story.

“To be honest, I cannot remember the details of this unimaginable incident. I have no recollection of my arms hurting or anything else happening when I caught the child,” Shen Dong shared. “I heard a loud bang caused by the girl landing on the steel roofing on first-floor terrace of the complex after falling four stories off the window. It was just my instinct to reach out for her, and, thankfully, I managed to catch the girl before she landed on the pavement.”

According to South China Morning Post reports, the little girl had injured legs and lungs. Thankfully, she had a great recovery and is now in a stable condition. You can watch the legendary moment in the video below and celebrate the heroic deed that made the world earn another hero.

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