Man Refuses to Return Friend’s Wallet with Disastrous Consequences

When a man accidentally grabs his friend’s wallet, it leads him down a path that makes him wonder if he is in the wrong.

We all make mistakes; it’s part of being imperfect and it’s something that we put up with, day after day.

Sometimes the mistakes are small, but in the case of what this man did, it blew up quickly.

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It began when the man was visiting his friend at his house after going to the gym. He kept his wallet in his gym bag, and he accidentally grabbed his friend’s wallet when leaving.

He Picked Up The Wrong Wallet

Since they had the same wallet style, he didn’t realize that he had the wrong one until he got home. It was a rainy night in Florida, and he got home around 11 pm.

In addition, he lived 20 minutes away from his friend’s house, so when he got a phone call shortly after getting home asking if he had his wallet, he wasn’t willing to go back out.

His friend made what would seem to be a reasonable request; he said he needed him to drive back and give him his wallet.

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The problem was, the man had to be at work at eight in the morning, although he didn’t admit this on the phone. He just asked his friend if he could bring it to him early tomorrow.

The Argument Begins

That’s when his friend said: “No bud, you messed up. I work early in the morning, and I want to go out, so I need my wallet. You’ve gotta bring it to me; you messed up. You’ve gotta make it right.”

When the man protested, because it was raining and late. His friend told him he didn’t care.

They went back and forth a few times, and the situation began to get heated. The man even told his friend that he should trust him because they were friends, but then he was told that was not the issue.

It ended up with his friend saying: “That’s my property, and you can’t keep it. If you don’t bring me my wallet, you’re no longer allowed at my house.”

The man still wasn’t willing to budge. He told the friend that he could come to get his wallet if he wanted it that badly, or he could wait until the morning.

He decided to come get it, and he even got $20 for his efforts because he drove out.

Was He Being Unreasonable?

Now, the man is concerned because he lost a friend, and he’s concerned that he was just being a jerk in acting that way.

When posting this on Reddit, he also edited the post to add a few comments. These often answer the questions that are asked most frequently.

He spoke about how it was Florida in April and the weather was ‘chaotic.’ He also said that he apologized profusely, but he will not be friends with him again.

There were some people who asked if they were really that close if they were speaking to each other that way. The man said his friend often acts that way in a group, a fault that everyone ‘just sweeps under the rug and forgets.’

He admits that it was eating at him for a while, so maybe he was just ready to end the friendship.

The man came on Reddit wanting to either justify his actions or be called out for what he did. The community let him know that he was in the wrong, and he ended up agreeing.

He even left a final update, saying he had not spoken with his former friend since that night and the group stopped getting together. Some in the group let him know that he should have brought the wallet back but didn’t blame him for not being friends after the way his friend spoke to him.

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