Heroic Man Jumps Into Canal To Save Drowning Baby Fox

A baby fox has her life thanks to a kindhearted hero in Leicestershire, England.

According to Leicestershire Live, 57-year-old Russ Bellingham was walking near the Grand Union Canal in Market Harborough with his niece when he spotted struggling baby fox in the water and immediately leaped into action.

Photo: TikTok/@stylewithseycha

Despite being fully clothed, Bellingham plunged into the murky green water and swam all the way across the canal to where a baby fox was barely keeping his head afloat.

Bellingham’s niece, Seycha, immediately pulled out her phone to record and she shared footage of the rescue on her TikTok channel, @stylewithseycha.

Photo: TikTok/@stylewithseycha
Photo: TikTok/@stylewithseycha

“Not all heroes wear capes,” she wrote in the text overlay. “Well not just your everyday walk for Uncle Russ,” she added in the video’s caption.

In the end, Bellingham was able to grab the fox and safely swim her to the bank.

Check out the clip below:

@stylewithseycha Well Not just your everyday walk for uncle Russ 🦊💁🏽‍♀️ #foryoupage #walk #hero #babyfox #fyp ♬ original sound – Stylewithseycha

In an update video, Seycha shared that her uncle Russ scooped up the fox and took her to get help.

Despite being bitten by the tiny thing, Uncle Russ didn’t stop until the fox was safely being cared for by a wildlife sanctuary.

Check out the video below:

@stylewithseycha Reply to @moremiriamx UPDATE ON THE LIL FOX 🦊 #foryoupage #fox #saved #update #fyp ♬ original sound – Stylewithseycha

The world could use more heroes like him!

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