Man Jealous Of Dog After Girlfriend Throws A Bigger Birthday Celebration For Her Pup Than For Him

Relationship trouble comes in all forms, but one man took to Reddit with a rather unusual situation: He was jealous of his girlfriend’s dog.

According to him, his girlfriend put more effort into the birthday celebration for her dog than she did for him and it made him feel some type of way.

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The man, Reddit user u/Sensitive-Home2524, is now unsure of his relationship and took to the platform’s “Relationship Advice” sub for advice.

He wrote, “We’ve been together for 2 years and each year, she hasn’t typically been able to get me anything due to financial reasons. While disappointing, I always understood and don’t necessarily expect anything on my birthday regardless.”

However, his understanding changed after his girlfriend adopted a dog and suddenly came up with money to spend.

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He said, “About 1 year ago she adopted a dog who is like a child to her. Her (the dog’s) birthday just happens to be a couple of weeks away from mine.” He went on to explain that on his birthday, his girlfriend got him a stuffed animal (though he’d previously expressed he didn’t like stuffed animals). The dog, on the other hand, was treated to “close to $100” of pet toys and dog supplies, new dog clothes, and a homemade dog cake complete with a mold.

Needless to say, he was feeling rather hurt seeing the money and effort his partner put into her dog’s birthday compared to his.

“Needless to say, I felt kind of hurt that she seems to be putting way more effort into someone who doesn’t even understand the concept of a birthday as compared to her partner,” he continued. “Seeing how much she spent on her dog also made what she spent on my gift seem pretty cheap in comparison. I don’t know if I’m being shallow or overly sensitive but I’m feeling pretty hurt.”

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He added that for his girlfriend’s birthday, he took her out to dinner and got her a new tank for an aquarium she has going.

Many people on Reddit sided with him and said his feelings were valid. “It’s not the gifts or lack of that hurting you it’s the effort she put in,” one person commented. Another added, “She loves her dog more than you.”

Pets should be treated as members of the family, but many people agreed that this girl took things too far by prioritizing her dog over her partner, even though the dog can’t fully grasp the concept of a birthday.

Where do you stand on this one? Let us know!

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