Man Stops Walk To Introduce His Puppy To A Cat

A dog owner went viral for introducing his puppy to a neighborhood cat while out for a walk back in October of 2021.

Cheyenne (@cheyennetylerberry) spotted the puppy, Ted, on a walk outside her home’s window.

She must’ve suspected something sweet was about to take place because she pulled out her phone to start recording and it’s a good thing she did!

Photo: TikTok/@cheyennetylerberry

“Caught this pure moment and I haven’t stopped smiling since,” Cheyenne captioned in the video.

In the clip, you can see Ted’s owner pause their walk to scoop Ted up and introduce him to a neighborhood cat.

Photo: TikTok/@cheyennetylerberry

Ted and the orange tabby cat both put their paws up in defense, but it didn’t take long for either to realize the other wasn’t a threat.

At the time the video was captured, Ted was just 4-months-old and had been introduced to cats before but his owner wanted to socialize him even more.

His dad (@hexhome1) commented on the TikTok video, “I should point out that I had petted the cat first and assessed how this might turn out. Ted is 4 months old and has been introduced to cats before.”

Photo: TikTok/@cheyennetylerberry

It’s nice to see a responsible pet parent going out of his way to socialize his pet while on a walk. It even looks like the cat and dog got along in the end!

Watch the video below:

@cheyennetylerberry caught this pure moment and I haven’t stopped smiling since 💖💗💕💝💓💘💞 #viral #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok ♬ The King – Sarah Kinsley
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