Man Helps ‘Fat’ Raccoons Escape The Dumpster After They Ate Too Much And Got Stuck

Four raccoons were in quite a predicament after eating too much in a dumpster and becoming trapped at the bottom.

Thankfully, fate was on their side and a Good Samaritan came to their rescue.

The man walked up to the dumpster suspecting wildlife was hiding inside. When he peered over the edge, he spotted the four “fat” raccoons trapped in the bottom.

Photo: YouTube/Our Critter Tales

The trash had been taken out the day before, making it next to impossible for the raccoons to climb out on their own.

The man filmed as he came to their rescue. Making small talk with the raccoons the whole time, the man carefully placed a 2X4 board in the dumpster and angled it so the raccoons could climb out.

Photo: YouTube/Our Critter Tales

One by one they shimmied up the 2X4 and made their way into the nearby woods.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel, Our Critter Tales, which notes: “How we treat animals defines us as people.”

Photo: YouTube/Our Critter Tales

The man in the video certainly treated animals with kindness and respect by helping them escape the dumpster and make their way into the wild where they belong.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of the dumpster raccoons? Have you ever seen so many raccoons at once? Let us know!

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