Man Humiliated After Making Rude “Beauty and Beast” Jokes About His Friend and Girlfriend

Bravo!!! All around the world, people continue to cheer Disney’s Beauty and the Beast animated film that made Oscar history!

The 1992 film was the first animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards, along with others associated with it, including producers, directors, animators, and voice actors.

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But it’s not just the “beauty” of the animated film that captivated the hearts of moviegoers. It’s the moral lessons that the film taught, some of which were listed by Reader’s Digest:

  • True love is when you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for another.
  • It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.
  • Vanity is never attractive.
  • Always stand up for your morals and values.
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Now, it seems that this movie was missed by the male friend of this Original Poster when he was young. Such a misfortune. He could have saved himself from deep shame if he had learned, “It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.”

This is OP’s story of the Real Beast on Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA–hole forum under the username u/ConsciousPollution23: “If I were a shallow person, I would say I hit the jackpot. I 100% hit the jackpot, but not for the reason you might think. I met a young woman, Claire, through my sister last year. They went to college together, and they are good friends. I thought that she was incredibly beautiful when I saw her, but I was trying my best not to be the creepy older brother hitting on his little sister’s friends. We talked a little bit, and I asked her about her work since graduating. She gave me a weird look but told me about working in the medical field. I thought it was very interesting work from the sounds of it. After they left, my dad made fun of me for not asking her out.”

Well, the two of them seemed to be meant for each other right from the start since OP’s sister called and encouraged him to ask Claire for a date. So, he did. And after going out with her, he found out more about Claire as a person — about how smart, kind, and goal-driven she was.

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A few more weeks and their relationship was official! How OP’s family loved Claire, who, despite being gifted with incredible beauty, was more focused on the virtues that really matter, like compassion and diligence. OP’s friends also thought he had hit a real jackpot.

OP continued to write, “Anyways, the party. Whenever I talk about Claire, I mention her work. She studied child psychology and is working on her Master’s. See, smart. I love bragging all about how she is making the world a better place. At the party, my friend started joking around about her being able to make more money as a model or something. I told my friend he was being an a– talking about her looks and he should drop it. He did not. He even started making beauty and the beast comments. He was rude but never vulgar. Just rude.”

Possibly envious and drunk, OP’s friend did not stop his insulting comments that finally compelled his girlfriend to tell him and everybody the truth about her.

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OP said in his post, “She finally went on her phone and showed him some pictures of herself in the uniform from the job she does for fun. She is a cheerleader for a sports team. She then told him how little the job pays. She spent time explaining to him that she competed in cheer in college and it was a hard sport and that she only auditioned for the professional squad because they do a lot of work with children’s charities. She said that she was tired of people like him thinking all she had to offer was her looks.”

Those words made OP’s friend leave in great shame. Later, he called up OP to accuse him of being an a-hole for not telling him that Claire’s a cheerleader. But OP answered him that he’s not dating a cheerleader but a woman who is on her way to becoming a child psychologist.

Still, his friend was furious with OP because he could have avoided the humiliation at the party if he had known the truth. But OP had already warned him to stop, and his friend made the decision to make a fool of himself.

What a foolish beast.

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