Man Degrades His Once-Successful Girlfriend Who’s Now Having Mental Health Issues

Reddit users are dragging this man for downplaying his girlfriend’s mental health issues and regretting with bitterness her current inability to be as successful as before!

Posting his story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, this man with the username u/Lazy_Education_7228 started with the following details: “We’ve been together for 4 years – when we met, she worked many, many hours and earned more than I did. It was one of the reasons I liked her – she was very driven and motivated, and she inspired me. As time has gone on, she’s been reducing her hours down, and over the past year, she’s had poor mental health due to family issues and has worked less than half as much as she used to. She does manual work and had a stress-induced injury which flares up when she’s stressed.”

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According to OP, his girlfriend had overcome a similar situation before. But, this time, she appeared to have lost her drive and spirit. He’s also observed that his girlfriend was now more focused on attaining better mental health while working only part-time. He’s never seen anyone with such an attitude, much less anyone close to him.

OP added, “It makes me worry if she were to be the mother to my children, as she’s completely lost all drive because of her problems. I’m worried she will do this if we were to have children together, and in life, things do happen, and you have to keep soldiering on. I recently brought this up with her, and she was furious and said she’s paying for half of everything and I’m not financially affected by her decision, therefore I should encourage her to do what makes her happy. We had a big disagreement, and I still feel resentful and disappointed that she’s lost her drive and motivation. So Reddit, AITA?”

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A painful backlash was what he received for everything he said against his girlfriend!

“She came through that bad time, but she’s completely lost her drive and is focussing more on ‘better mental health’ whilst only working ‘part-time.’ So, OP is mad their GF no longer lives to work and won’t sacrifice her mental well-being and happiness so that she can have the [appearance] of being Superwoman. YTA, OP. I don’t even get your point. She is taking care of herself, working, paying her bills, and is happy. What is your issue? That’s called work-life balance. We are meant to work to have the resources to meet our needs. We aren’t meant to exist simply to work ourselves to the bone,” wrote a Reddit user with harshness.

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“OP mentioned he’s never seen anyone do this before. He’s probably been told that taking care of yourself is selfish and that you’re supposed to just grit your teeth and push through shit. If that’s the case, he’s probably feeling some resentment because it’s hard as shit watching somebody get something you haven’t been allowed to have. He’s TA, but hopefully this can be a growing experience for him. It’s hard learning life doesn’t have to be miserable,” expressed another Redditor.

Meanwhile, this response from another AITA was an even harsher eye-opener. “Also sounds like OP is looking for a sugar mama. He is was excited that she made more money than him and is mad about her work ethic even though she is still able to pay her half of the bills. Sounds like while he is worried about her work ethic, he needs to get a better one himself.”

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