Man Wonders If He Is An A-Hole For Getting Family A Dog Even Though Mother-In-Law Claims To Be Allergic

Some people get along great with their in-laws, but others must agree to disagree. While everyone does their best to get along, there are some decisions that need to be made based on what is best for the family whether or not it pleases the extended family.

A man took to Reddit’s Am I The A****** forum to see if he made the right decision to get his family a dog even though his mother-in-law claims to be allergic.

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He starts off by saying how he grew up with dogs, but his wife never had a pet because her mother said she was allergic.

“I met my wife in university and the first time I met her parents she made me wash everything I was going to wear and keep it separate from my other clothes so it would not affect her mom,” he shared.

The man went on to say, “Long story short. Her mom just hated animals. Not allergic at all.”

The couple have two kids together and the youngest just started school. The wife works from home and said she would like a dog for company during the day – so he got her a dog.

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They rescued a mutt and chose one with hair instead of fur to reduce the amount of shedding. However, the happy news did not go over well with the mother-in-law.

“My mother-in-law is pissed that, knowing her ‘allergies’, I would get a dog. She won’t be able to come over to the house or have the kids come over because they will be covered in dog fur and dander.”

While he would love to call her out on her fake allergy, he promised his wife he wouldn’t. Instead, he has taken to Reddit for other people’s opinion on his situation.

It gets worse. He wrote, “Now I am hearing from her other kids who are saying that I keeping her away from her grandchildren and that I should get rid of the dog before my wife and kids get too attached.”

That is not going to happen as the family already loves the new dog.

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Redditors quickly came to his defense and said he was not an a-hole. Some even went as far as to say he “traded up”. CinnamonBlue commented, “NTA. You gained a dog and lost an MIL. Fair swap.”

Some people asked how he knew that his mother-in-law was not allergic and he responded with, “We had to give her a ride home one day in an emergency situation. My dog had been on my car. She didn’t have any reaction. So I asked her of she was okay since she had dog hair on her. She admitted the truth. I guess she was hurt by a dog when she was a kid and told everyone she was allergic because it was easier than saying she hates dogs. I didn’t find out the day I met her.”

Mother(in-law) doesn’t always know best. What do you think?

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