Homeless Couple Insists Host Take Wedding Photo Off the Wall During Their Stay

Some houseguests don’t receive any invitations to come back to someone’s home.

That’s because some people forget their manners when relatives or friends welcome them with such warmth into their homes that they feel they could behave as if they were the house owners.

It is why among the best pieces of advice given by etiquette expert Debbie Mayne for houseguests is, “Leave your bad habits behind when visiting friends and family.”

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According to Debbie Mayne, these are some of the things you should not do:

  1. Forget to ask your host about house rules. Do this before going to their place or upon arrival. If there are other family members with you, you should inform all of them about these rules so that you can avoid any conflict. And even if you don’t agree with some of the house rules, don’t question or challenge your host about them.
  2. Spread clutter. Even though a bit of disorganization may be expected with guests around, you should avoid making a mess as much as possible. Don’t let your host clean up after you; in fact, you should offer to help with some household chores.
  3. Just because you’ve been welcomed, doesn’t mean you should treat the place like your own home. You should bring only the things you need, not everything you own. If you must use any items in the house, handle them with respect and care.
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  5. Be demanding or fastidious. Don’t ask for special meals or show your dislike for what’s been laid on the table for you. You should be gracious and polite at all times. If your host has a pet, don’t demand that they to put it away just because you have allergies. Go to a hotel if you can’t appreciate your host’s hospitality.
  6. Overstay.Two or three nights is enough; beyond that, you may be a disturbance or a burden. You should know when it’s time to say goodbye and say your thank yous.
  7. Criticize or say something awful about your host after leaving. During your stay, you may have noticed something not so nice about your host and their home. But you too are imperfect, and you should be grateful that they welcomed you into their house. Focus on the positive and be the kind of guest that eveyone wants to invite to their place again.
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Can you imagine how pleasant it is for everyone if we all conduct ourselves properly with a good sense of humor and a gracious spirit?

However, in this post on Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA–hole forum, a homeless couple who’s been welcomed by the husband’s best friend to stay at his house while they’re saving for a new apartment begrudges their host for lack of hospitality.

This husband is the Original Poster with the username u/Throw55257765, who complained to the AITA community about the alleged narrow-mindedness of his best friend Anthony, their host.

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He wrote, “Me (M32) and my wife, Dahlia (F28) lost our apartment 2 months ago and moved in with mom temporarily. Issues began to arise between Dahlia and mom, and I had to ask my friend, Anthony (M31), to let us move in til I get enough money to rent out. His wife was away visiting family, and he agreed, but even there, some issues started to arise. FYI, Dahlia is very shy around Anthony. She grew up in a conservative home and so it’s understandable, but sometimes it can be a bit much, I admit that!”

OP said just a bit much, but the following details in his post will make everyone start to disagree with him. He continued to write, “For example, she freaked out when she accidentally drank from his glass; she also once made a fuss when he passed by the guests’ room when she was lying down and the door was open. Thankfully, Anthony was super understanding, and we were able to talk some of these issues out.”

Well, the worst issue of OP’s wife was yet to come. One night, while Dahlia was walking in the hall, she saw a framed photograph of Anthony and his wife kissing on the wall. She told her husband about it and how uncomfortable it made her feel. And so, the following day, OP asked Anthony to take the picture off the wall and place it somewhere else, because his wife didn’t like seeing it.

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This time, Anthony said no. The picture means a lot to him and his wife since it was their kiss after their wedding. Since it was also his wife who hung it on the wall, Anthony wanted it to be respected.

But Dahlia refused to go out of their room, not until the picture was removed from the wall. OP talked to Anothony again, which led to an argument, because his friend would not grant his request. OP insisted that he was just asking for a little consideration from Anthony, but his friend finally told him that it’s his house and it’s not right for OP to keep demanding things from him, especially things that matter to his family.

What OP did next, when he could not force his best friend to remove the married couple’s picture on the wall, was to complain about it to the AITA community. He painted his best friend as a narrow-minded, ungrateful friend for whom he’s done a lot of good deeds in the past.

With this kind of house guest, what else would Redditors be expected to say?

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FunkyOrangePenguin wrote, “You are guests in their home because you are currently homeless. Your wife is clearly the problem here. Get a grip. YTA.”

RiskBig3301 commented, “YTA – first your wife had issues with your mom, now she’s having issues with Anthony…sounds like your wife is the real issue. From your title, I was expecting your hosts to have a semi-nude or nude portrait in the guest room. But, no, she’s freaking out over a standard wedding kiss pose in the hallway? Please, child! You need to hurry & get your own place. I think you’re lucky Anthony didn’t ask you to leave immediately.”

Comprehensive_Air980 likewise remarked, “Yeah. OP blames his wife’s ‘conservative background,’ but that’s not what this is about. It’s a dominance thing from the wife. She’s trying to assert dominance in another person’s home by asking for something ‘simple,’ then refusing to leave the bedroom because her attempt at dominating has proven futile.”

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