Man Reunites With Horse 8 Years After He Went Missing

A man and his horse were reunited 8 years after the horse went missing!

40-year-old Shane Adams was camping in Cedar Mountains 8 years ago when Mongo disappeared. Shane searched high and low for Mongo but came up empty-handed.

Photo: TikTok/@shaneadamsmongo

According to WBRC, Shane spent every weekend for three years searching for Mongo. Eventually, he gave up hope of ever seeing his beloved horse again.

In fact, he assumed Mongo had passed away. More years passed and Mongo was little but a memory to Shane until September 27, 2022.

It was on that fateful day that Adams received a Facebook message request from the Bureau of Land Management. They had a lead on Mongo!

Photo: TikTok/@shaneadamsmongo

Shane was shocked and immediately loaded up his horse trailer and drove three hours to meet the horse that could be Mongo. Incredibly, it was Mongo and the two were finally reunited after 8 long years!

Mongo was able to go home after living in the wild for so many years, and somehow, it was as if nothing had changed.

Shane shared videos on TikTok featuring photos of his reunion with Mongo. Even his kids got in on the action!

Check out the sweet clips below:


♬ Equine – Brenn Hill


♬ Cowboy Up – Justin Carter


♬ Old Paint – One Road Man Version – Chris LeDoux

On Facebook, Shane shared an update that Mongo “still rides great” even after so many years.

You can keep up with Shane and Mongo on TikTok, @shaneadamsmongo.

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