Man Feeds Hungry Nutria Potatoes And Watermelon In Downtown Prague

An adorable video has surfaced featuring a kind man feeding a hungry nutria some potatoes and watermelon in Prague.

The video, shared by ViralHog, shows the man sitting on steps on the waterfront in the center of Prague, right in front of the iconic Charles Bridge.

A nutria, also known as a coypu, sits alongside the man and begs for slices of potatoes and watermelon.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The man is more than happy to oblige and gently cuts off morsels for the large rodent to enjoy.

The had held a warm smile as he offered the coypu potato and watermelon and he even motioned for onlookers to try it out!

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

When the man paused for a moment in between offering the critter some food, the nutria stood on its legs and “clapped” its hands together to ask for more. How cute!

Check out the sweet video below:

The video is a delight to watch, but it’s best not to recreate the moment for yourself. According to Prague TV, ecologists believe coypu are an invasive “natural disaster” because they’re not native to Europe and have no enemies in the wild.

They’re native to South America but have spread to Europe and other parts of the world in a way that’s harming local ecologies.

Photo: YouTube/Wikimedia Commons

The report noted, “Nutrias can eat so much vegetation that the soil becomes unprotected and this leads to erosion of the river banks. It also robs other animals of vegetation used for protective cover, nests and food.”

While coypu are cute to look at and certainly adorable when being fed, it’s best to leave wildlife alone.

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