Man Opens His Heart to a Rescue Beagle After the Recent Loss of His Beloved Dog

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

These words of Victorian-age English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson may well apply, too, to the special affection we have for our dogs.

Photo: Tiktok/sweetbuffalototherescue

Despite the lasting grief that the loss of a beloved dog brings to our hearts, we do not regret loving our pets, and many of us remain thankful that they came into our lives.

Loneliness haunts us each day, for who would not miss a pet with the purest kind of love? Though, amidst our pain, we also find comfort in all the memories we had shared together. And instead of feeling bitter due to the sting of death, we are motivated to emulate our pets in opening our hearts wide and let our love make someone happy.

With the help of a TikTok user @sweetbuffalototherescue, a man who has just lost his dog was able to contact Buffalo-based Magic’s Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue. Despite his heartbreak, he wanted to offer a dog in need a forever home while assuaging his loneliness.

Photo: Tiktok/sweetbuffalototherescue

And on that momentous day, this man has even prepared a party, a happy welcome sign, and balloons for his new rescue beagle!

It is one of the most heartwarming videos you could ever see! A man who is so jubilant about the opportunity to save another life, despite his recent loss.

Many people on Tiktok could not help shedding tears of happiness upon seeing this first-time meeting between this generous human and his new beagle.


Photo: Tiktok/sweetbuffalototherescue

“She knew who her new dad was immediately 🥰,” another Tiktok user writes.

“I’ve worked in rescue for 15 years and this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen,” remarks another person.

Meanwhile, another Tiktok user exclaims, “My God, my heart just melted!! thank you God for ppl who love animals this much & give them a 2nd chance 4 a better life 💪👏🙏🐶💖😇🙌”

And this individual is full of appreciation and gratitude, “Sorry, about your baby but Thank you for offering your home and love to another precious angel that needs you right now👏🏻🙏🏼🐶🐾❤️‍🩹”


After his dog passed away, this man was so happy to be able to foster Harper the beagle from Magic’s Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue today ❤️ #fyp #foryoupage #feature #rescuedog #foster #happiness

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