Man Drives Doggie School Bus And Picks Up Pups For “School”

If you happen to have a dog in your life, you already realize how happy they can make you.

There are many people who even follow a life path that puts them with as many dogs as possible because of the happiness it brings them.

Photo: Unsplash/Joe Caione

Perhaps that is why Arat Montoya decided on the life course that he followed. He is a small business owner in West Linn, Oregon, and ever since he was growing up in Mexico, he knew that he wanted to work with dogs.

Many people will follow the same career path as their parents. Arat’s parents were bakers and although that is an amazing career, he decided to take things in a different direction. He knew that he still wanted to work with dogs, and he made it happen.

According to the Oregon Live, he said: “My family are bakers, and my dad wanted me to be a baker. I said, ‘I’m sorry Dad, I love dogs.'”

Photo: Unsplash/Marliese Streefland

One of the first jobs that Arat had working with dogs was at a doggie daycare. When they closed their doors, he continued to keep in touch with some of those who brought their dogs to the daycare.

Arat was able to start a business walking dogs and pet sitting and he even had a dog boarding business out of his home. After his wife got pregnant with their first child, however, he decided that he needed to do something more. He decided to turn his little car into a yellow school bus for dogs.

The amazing thing is, he didn’t even have to advertise his business. He simply parked his new doggie daycare school bus at the bottom of his driveway and within a week, he had 16 customers.

According to his website, the school bus cost $30 a day to drop off and pick up a dog within 5 miles of the daycare. After the dogs are there, they can enjoy running around within the 5 acres of fenced-in property all day long.

Arat tends to have between 20 and 30 dogs per day and he absolutely loves it. In fact, he calls his job one of the greatest in the world and he regularly shares about his canine clients on Facebook:

Eventually, he was able to turn his business into something bigger by purchasing the van. These days, he has about 300 dogs and their humans who are perfectly happy to have him provide this service. He does it every day and it’s exactly what he wants to do.

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