Man Shocked to Find a Wild Koala Hanging from His Clothesline

It looks like a tree, but without any leaves. And the feel of the trunk and branches are cold and hard to grasp.

But she needed a refuge, and it was the best she could find in the strange-looking forest. She climbed up, hoping to get some sleep. Creatures like her spend 20 hours sleeping every day in order to conserve energy.

Photo: YouTube/Nat Geo WILD

But not even halfway to drooping her eyelids, there was already a commotion. It seemed that other creatures in the area were awake, and they didn’t like her presence. The creatures looked bigger than she was, bigger than most animals she has ever seen. What kind of wilderness has she gone into?

That was the koala’s point of view.

Meanwhile, the man who saw her was just as surprised. He thought something got caught in his clothesline. A stuffed toy that looked like a bear? But who had put it in there to dry?

Photo: Facebook/Wildlife Dalby

Then he looked again. The other occupants of the house went out and also looked at what was hanging/sitting on the clothesline.

It was a koala!

Quickly, a resident named Phil and the animal rescue service Wildlife Dalby acted to save the koala from the clothesline. Perching on the man-made structure was not safe for her, since she could fall. There was also nothing to eat up there.

The female koala was then taken to Total Care Vet Amanda, who told them that the animal was healthy despite the ordeal. Afterward, she was set free in a safe area in coordination with the Department of Environment & Science.

Wildlife experts encourage the public to immediately report to authorities similar incidents. Yes, koalas look cute and cuddly, but catching sight of them in unnatural circumstances means they must have felt threatened, and escape was the first thing they thought of to do. But they could be in further danger if they wander into human settlements, where there are other animals and humans that may react negatively to their presence.

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