Man Catches Cat Falling From Third Story Apartment Building

They say cats have nine lives and a lucky cat in Istanbul, Turkey is putting those lives to the test.

That cat lives in a third-floor apartment building in Istanbul, Turkey and he managed to slip out the window and nearly fell to his death. Thankfully, a nearby pedestrian managed to spot the falling cat and caught him before he hit the sidewalk.

Photo: YouTube/TRT World Now

According to The Dodo, the heroic man was identified as Ozgur Anli.

Anli was enjoying tea at a cafe when he noticed the cat from the corner of his eye and feared it was about to fall. The cat, Latte, happened to belong to his sister who lived on the third floor of the apartment building.

Photo: YouTube/TRT World Now

As Anli shared with The Dodo, Latte managed to slip out the window, which was 50 feet above the sidewalk, and he was teetering on the edge of the windowsill.

Anli’s prediction that the cat was about to fall was correct and it was just moments after the cat climbed onto the windowsill that it slipped and plummeted toward the sidewalk.

Photo: YouTube/TRT World Now

It would’ve been a death sentence, but Anli was right there to save the day! He managed to catch Latte in his arms and the cat walked away uninjured from the incident.

You can watch the moment Anli caught the falling cat in the video below:

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