Man Befriends Shark Over The Span Of 22 Years

We sometimes hear about people who get up close and personal with wild animals.

It may even amaze us and then we want to have something similar in our lives. After all, who wouldn’t want to pet an elephant or hug a lion?

Then again, there are certain situations that are beyond cute and they suddenly become dangerous. After all, a lion may be hug-worthy but would you really want to have to deal with those sharp teeth? Quite honestly, you could end up in hot water quickly.

Photo: The Dodo/YouTube

There are also certain species that we would probably never consider getting close to. For some, this may include a snake and for others, it may be a spider. Perhaps one animal that none of us would think about getting overly close to is a shark.

As you are about to see, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans fit into that category. Jim Abernethy is a marine conservationist, who runs a Shark & Wildlife Ecotourism business and he knows a thing or two about sharks.

Photo: The Dodo/YouTube

According to The Dodo, back in 2000, Jim first became acquainted with Emma, a tiger shark. When he was in the water, Emma would get close to him and ask for a belly rub. It was unexpected, but it was something that continued over the years and their friendship grew along with it.

Now that over two decades have passed, Jim is still hanging out with Emma on occasion. In fact, there are many sharks in the area that have gained a level of trust with him, and that has benefited the sharks on numerous occasions. This includes sometimes when they had hooks that needed to be removed.

Photo: The Dodo/YouTube

Through it all, however, Emma was the shining star in the equation. In fact, Jim considers her to be a shark ambassador, helping others to know that sometimes, you don’t have to be as afraid of sharks as you would generally think.

Of course, we are not advocating that anyone should jump in the water and begin swimming with sharks. That being said, seeing the friendship that Jim and Emma share is a thing of beauty.

You can keep up with Jim and his shark adventures on Instagram and Facebook!

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