Man Walks Through Shelter With No Intention To Adopt But Then He Sees A Tiny Kitten

When you are driving around town, you might see bumper stickers that say “Who rescued who?”

Those of us who have rescued animals realize the truthfulness of that saying and exactly what it means to have a rescue animal in our life.

Photo: TikTok/@bigtugg

In many cases, we tend to fall into those situations in ways that we could not possibly imagine at first. In the end, however, we have a beautiful animal in our life that is more than a pet, they are part of the family.

One person who knows this all too well is Tucker Lindgren.

Photo: TikTok/@bigtugg

He had a friend that wanted to pick out a pet so they were going to PAWS Chicago to find the perfect animal. It was his intention to help his friend, but something else happened that he wasn’t anticipating.

Before Tucker left home, he told himself that he was not going to bring home an animal.

Photo: TikTok/@bigtugg

He also told his friends and family the same thing, but his heart would have different thoughts when he ran into a special little kitten.

As it turns out, that little kitten had plans for him and it is absolutely adorable.

@bigtugg Shout out @PAWS Chicago for manhandling my heart strings #fyp #kittensoftiktok #kitten #cute #comedy #blackcatsoftiktok #abracadabra ♬ original sound – Tucker Lindgren

After posting his brief story on TikTok, he quickly learned that many other people have also had similar experiences. It was a touching story, but people wanted an update so he decided to post one.

@bigtugg Replying to @natscottsings insanely affectionate #fyp #kitten #kittensoftiktok ♬ Meow – Lvusm

Although they had only been together a day, it was like a match made in heaven. Tucker may not have expected to bring a kitten home but as it turns out, the kitten picked him.

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