All for Love: Dog Mama Will Do Anything for Her Eight Puppies, Even If She Starves

“Doing wonderful things for their wonderful tots.
The ‘Super Mom’ sort, that’s the name they deserve.
No two are alike; come along, let’s observe:

An emperor penguin will toddle for weeks …
50 miles to bring food back to little chicks’ beaks.
Orangutans cuddle, they can’t be apart.
Six years, mom and baby will sleep heart to heart.

Photo: Pexels/Vladimir Blyufer

Maybe gators look fearful, but hold your alarm.
Behind mother’s jaws, baby’s safe from all harm.
And if you’re a walrus, you’ll wait for your calf.
They’re pregnant for almost a year and a half!

But elephants, girl, are the toughest around.
A brand new ellie can weigh 200 pounds!
So it’s clear, from the ocean way up to the trees,
to the faraway sands of some faraway sea,

Photo: Pexels/Katie Hollamby

there are so many mothers, from tiny to tall.
But YOU are the most special mother of all!”
A Mother’s Day poem for the world’s greatest mom(s)! by AJ Willingham, CNN

Eight puppies. That’s the number of babies that this dog momma has to feed every day.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

At first, the rescuers thought that the female dog was a stray. But they found its owner and the dog’s name, Maria. The human parents could feed one dog, but such a large family is difficult to sustain.

However, Maria has been doing her best to get food and feed her babies even though she was starving. She also continued to nurse them, her thin body straining to produce milk to keep her young pups alive.

Her sacrifices have touched the hearts of her rescuers, who informed Maria’s owner that there was a solution to the plight of the mother dog and her numerous offspring. Maria could be sterilized, while the puppies could be adopted by caring humans.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

The owners agreed to the rescuers’ proposal, but Maria wasn’t as cooperative. She was focused on protecting her puppies, warning the rescuers not to touch them. Quickly, she ran under the house, and her babies followed.

But the rescuers enticed the hungry puppies with food, which made catching them easier. Later, Maria felt obliged to come out to check where strangers were taking her family. This time, the anxious dog momma responded to the rescuers’ loving efforts to save them all.

Four months later, Maria is happier and healthier! Her pups now also have their own forever homes. And the playful puppies look like young versions of Maria, one of the greatest mothers in the animal kingdom!

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