The Kindness of a Stranger Saved a Foal that Got Stuck in a Bridge

Always expect the unexpected.

That was probably the last thing on this man’s mind as he drove down the road. All the same, when he saw a clearly distressed mama horse and discovered her baby was in trouble, he didn’t hesitate to help.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

There was a mare ahead, standing in the middle of the bridge, and she was not moving. The man thought the animal would soon walk away since the bridge is commonly used by motor vehicles. But the mare’s behavior puzzled him, because she would not move at all, even though she could see a vehicle coming in her direction.

Best to check it out, the man decided.

As he walked down the bridge, the sight concerned him. There was a foal that was stuck between the beams and could not get up. Its mother would not leave its side, but, apart from that, she could do nothing at all.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Seeing the foal’s plight, the man decided to help. But first, he must communicate with the mother and assure her that he was there to help. Mares are known to be very protective of their foals. They defend their family by kicking and other violent actions to ward off anything that poses a threat.

Luckily, it took just a short while to make the mare understand the stranger’s good intention. She did not intervene as the man lifted her foal from the section of the bridge where it got stuck.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

The rescue took some moments, but the man succeeded in freeing the foal and he carried it to the other side of the bridge. Then, both mother and baby horses continued their journey away from that place to somewhere that’s hopefully a lot safer.

As for the man, the effort enervated him a bit, but the joy of having rescued a living thing quickly revitalized his spirit!

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