Mama Dog Reuniting with Her 4 Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

Stray dogs on the streets of Ukraine are nothing new these days. In fact, all cities/countries across the world have loads of strays wandering around. But since the war in Ukraine was launched, many animals that were always house pets have found themselves scrounging on the streets for food and shelter.

One rescue group there, known as @lovefurryfriends on social media, has taken it upon themselves to try to ease the severity of the situation by rescuing as many of these dogs as they possibly can. It’s not easy, and they are in constant need of funding to support vet visits, food, and other supplies the animals need to stay healthy, but they are managing nonetheless.

rescue puppies Ukraine
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Recently they were alerted to four tiny puppies whose mama was no longer around. After answering the call for help and surveying the situation, they took the adorable little furballs in to provide them with warmth, food, and shelter. Before leaving the area, they asked the people there to please alert them if their mother happened to return.

In the meantime, the group had her babies checked out and took them home to care for them until adopters were found. Then, several days later, they got the call informing them that the mother dog had indeed showed back up and she appeared to be in distress searching for her offspring.

stray dog Ukraine
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Once they saw her, it was obvious she’d been picked up by city workers charged with gathering up street animals as part of a spay and neuter program designed to lessen the impact of the stray animal population.

After an animal has been fixed, they are given a brightly colored punch tag that is embedded in their ear. This signifies the animal is a stray that has been sterilized. Sadly, they are quickly returned to the same location they were originally removed from to continue fending for themselves, similar to feral cat trap and release programs here in the U.S.

rescue dogs
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Only in this case, it turned out to be a blessing for the mama dog, her pups, and their rescuers. Once they were able to remove her from the area she was still nervously searching, they took her to a veterinarian for further treatment deemed necessary before they were able to reunite her with her little ones.

It was that joyous wiggle-butt reunion that will absolutely melt your heart and make you want to get into animal activism yourself. Watch the videos below and see if your heart doesn’t well when you see the immense happiness on the face of a mother being reunited with children she thought she’d never see again. We’ve also included the video of the puppies’ earlier rescue for you to watch.

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