Neglected Puppy Who Looks Like “Dobby the House-Elf” Finds a Loving Friend and a Forever Home

No one knows what this puppy went through. What’s sure is that he’s been neglected for such a long time that mange covered his entire body, disfiguring him in a way that made him look like a fictional character.

Dobby, Harry Potter’s house-elf friend. That’s what came to mind for many people who first saw him.

Photo: Reddit/u/NotBrylee

And Dobby is actually his real name, given by the sweet girl who decided to adopt him after her mom showed her the pup’s profile. The pup was rescued from a car wash and taken in by Cane Corso Rescue to help him find a forever home.

Brylee Powell’s request to adopt the puppy was approved in a week, but she was warned that the young dog was extremely afraid of people.

“I said I did not care, and I was willing to do whatever it took to help him,” Brylee told Newsweek. “Dobby and I met on a bench, and he sat on my lap and was so wonderful. He didn’t seem scared at all.”

Photo: Reddit/u/NotBrylee

But that was until they reached her house. The new environment proved scary to Dobby, and he would hide and growl at Brylee when she tried to assure the puppy that he was completely safe in his new home.

Brylee wanted to cry because of Dobby’s sudden change of attitude. She thought there was already a bond between them on the ride home. But the puppy distrusted everyone; painful memories associated with humans seemed to have returned to his heart.

Photo: Reddit/u/NotBrylee

However, Brylee was determined to win him over and to help Dobby find joy in life. She kept sitting by his side and treating him with love. That love thawed Dobby’s heart. He started to open up.

Dobby has not totally lost his fear of people, but he and Brylee have become best friends. The puppy sticks to her like Velcro, but Brylee also said after she posted about Dobby on Reddit and got published on Newsweek as well, that she wouldn’t change a thing about their relationship.

Aside from the improvement in his appearance, Dobby’s personality has also blossomed. He now plays a lot with other dogs and is able to slowly warm up to other people close to Brylee.

Photo: Reddit/u/NotBrylee

“He loves going on our daily morning walks. He loves going to grandma’s and playing with his doggy aunts and uncle — his best friends. He loves laying in the sun and sun-tanning; he loves chewing his bully sticks; he loves his piggy stuffed animal; and he loves a bit of ice cream every once in a while,” related Powell happily.

It has been a long journey since Brylee adopted Dobby in September 2020, but every moment is worth the effort to teach this puppy how to trust and love again.

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