Malnourished Pittie Transforms Into The Healthiest Version of Himself Through the Help of His Favorite Humans

The environment someone lives in reflects in their mental, physical, and emotional health. This doesn’t only apply to humans but also to animals. Pets adopted by loving and caring homes show apparent changes in their demeanor. Those who carry trauma become happier and more confident since they always feel safe and secure. That’s why adoption is more recommended than buying in pet stores. A lot of dogs need a warm home that will help them heal. And surely, they’ll reciprocate that affection twice over. It’s life-changing to witness an animal change for the better — truly a remarkable journey contributing to your personal growth.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Chance the Pittie proves that genuine love and care go a long way. He is fostered by Monique, and during their first meet-up, he was alarmingly skinny. You can see his ribs under his skin, yet his movements don’t look sickly at all. He’d always go with Monique to visit her niece — she’s also Chance’s human best friend. The dog may look malnourished, but he knows how to socialize and be around people. He looks so happy being surrounded by his favorite humans. However, Chance got sick one time and needed to be brought to the hospital.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“We noticed after a few days that Chance started to get really sick. He had swallowed the top of a sippy cup and a baby bottle nipple,” Monique explained. “I was sad knowing that he was so hungry and trying to find food that he was willing to eat something like that.” Nevertheless, the aftermath of the surgery led to a healthier Chance. He started to eat more, especially when he realized that he wouldn’t get sick again. The once malnourished Pittie became even more playful and outgoing. He started to get back in shape, which made Mila happy as well. Chance really looked far from the skinny dog they met, all thanks to Monique’s efforts and Mila’s love for him.

“My favorite thing about Chance when he picks me up from school is when I first get in the car and he wags his tail,” Mila shared. He’s always excited to greet and receive pets from his most cherished friend. Every ride after school is a memorable and fun moment for them — that exhausted feeling after a long school day would vanish at the sight of an excited dog. Trips to Mila’s school started when Chance finally turned into the healthiest version of himself. The back seat of the car is full of giggles due to the interactions between the best buds. Monique would join in the fun by laughing with them as she safely drives back home.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“To see that he immediately trusted us and just took us in as his family and took my niece in and became friends with her just was really heartwarming. Just made me really proud!” Monique said. From car trips to races, Mila, Monique, and Chance have created a special bond that healed the Pittie in many ways. They really did an amazing job in changing a dog’s life and giving him the treatment he deserves. Aside from fostering Chance, Monique is a volunteer at PETronus Rescue. If you were inspired by their story, follow the non-profit organization on Instagram.

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