Alaskan Malamute Creates a Hilarious Scene as She Refuses to Leave Her Favorite Store

Who says only humans have their favorite places in the world?

Dogs, too, can feel a deep fondness for some places they go to and always look forward to visiting them.

Photo: Tiktok/alaskanmalamutenyx

In the case of this Alaskan Malamute named Nyx, she loves PetSmart so much that she refused to leave the place and go back home!

Her owner urged her that it was time to leave the store, but Nyx was adamant about staying. Some of the employees tried their best to convince her to go with her owner. But Nyx seemed to say that she was not yet finished “shopping” and there were still many things at the store that interested her.

Photo: Tiktok/alaskanmalamutenyx

As more people gathered around to force her out of the store, the dog seemed confused about why they wanted to kick her out. Her owner has paid for everything she has bought at PetSmart before. So they should be treating her well since she is a good customer, right?

At last, the adorable Alaskan malamute had to be carried off so her family could drive back home. As Nyx glanced back, there was a look in her eyes that said maybe next time they would all let her stay to her heart’s content.

Many Tiktok users found the video funny, with many of them sympathizing with Nyx.

Photo: Tiktok/alaskanmalamutenyx

“Hilarious! It’s not just humans who love shopping!😂😂🥰🥰,” says one Tiktok user.

“No wonder I don’t see a bag with a toy in it lol he’s not dun shopping,” remarks another.

“Doggo: what…wait……no! but there’s so much more to see! I’m not done yet! *gets carried out* FLUFF!” wrote another commenter.

While another person says, “For me, it’s the dramatic look BACK into the store!! LOL.”

@alaskanmalamutenyx The employees are trying to kick my dog out! 🐕 She wasn't having it 🤣🤣 @PetSmart #malamutepuppy #alaskanmalamute #foryoupage #follow ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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